Anti-allergy properties of blackcurrants proving a hit with hayfever sufferers

Anti-allergy properties of blackcurrants proving a hit with hayfever sufferers

NO-ONE wants to be miserable with hayfever, so if you're looking for a natural way to combat itchy eyes and streaming nose arising from grass and pollen allergies this spring, then taking CurraNZ daily may be an effective, natural solution.

With studies showing blackcurrants interrupt allergy inflammatory responses, CurraNZ is proving a hit with customers because of its quick-acting and effective actions – without any side effects.

As antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, they can help reduce reactions that lead to allergenic reactions.   


'I was a sceptic at first, but they've been a revelation"

CurraNZ users, British expat Claire Whittle and her partner, Warren (pictured below), share their experiences:



Claire says: "After starting taking CurraNZ I immediately felt the difference in my energy levels and ability to recover from long runs.

"It took me longer to realise was that it was helping my allergies and hayfever. I am not prone to suffering from hayfever - or at least I wasn't until I came to live in New Zealand - the land of wild nature and all things green and grassy!

"My partner, Warren, is a sufferer and I knew from my own research that CurraNZ helped relieve the symptoms of hayfever and seasonal allergies, so I suggested he give them a try. 

"They worked! As I use them every day and haven't stopped taking them, I wasn't sure if I would sneeze more without, them but I am not willing to risk it!"


Warren says: "I suffer every year from chronic sneezing and a runny nose that can turn into a chest infection.
"After Claire experienced the benefits of CurraNZ for herself she suggested I give them a try.
"I was skeptical at first, but what a revelation. I started feeling benefits after just a week. I had less sneezing, less of a runny nose and even less snoring (or so I am told).
"CurraNZ are now a staple in my armoury, I haven't looked back."

Dosing tips for hayfever

For sufferers, we recommend using one-two capsules every morning. Daily use is best - to 'top up' and maintain the blackcurrant metabolites in the body.  

There's good news for asthma sufferers too - studies show that blackcurrant-derived proanthocyanidins are the first to demonstrate suppression of cellular events that lead to allergy-induced asthma and/or allegenic conditions in general.

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