'CurraNZ has helped my asthma and allowed me to continue running this winter'

'CurraNZ has helped my asthma and allowed me to continue running this winter'

THIS month's customer prize winner is New Zealand customer Suzy Crimmins, who has had a fantastic outcome using CurraNZ with her asthma, winter immunity and running.  

To learn about how blackcurrants may help dampen allergenic reactions, see the information at the bottom of this article. 

Suzy writes:

"I’m an asthmatic and every winter, due to smoky or ice-cold air, I have to stop running. It feels like I’m trying to breath through a thin straw, in spite of increasing the use of my inhaler.

I started using CurraNZ almost two months ago and haven’t had this problem, while being able to maintain my fitness, which I credit to the product.

I had previously been taking Red Shots, a whole-fruit freeze-dried blackcurrant and boysenberry powder, but developed terrible hives from it. 

With the power of social media, CurraNZ started popping up on my Facebook, so I decided to try it and hoped I wouldn't react negatively - and I haven't. 

I've had asthma since my teens, which was induced by sport and icy air. It was mild to start with, just needing a puff of Ventolin here and there.

As I’ve become older it has become worse. Smoke, pollens, humidity etc all affect it, so my inhalers have changed to accommodate my asthma, and at times I’ve taken steroids.

This winter, since using this supplement, I haven’t needed steroids and haven’t had any coughs or colds either – even when the family have been laid up with flu, which I also put down to CurraNZ.

I started trying new approaches in the hope of finding a natural product that may help with dampening allergenic responses. My 11-year-old had his first sinus surgery aged eight, and his inflammation and sinusitis are back with vengeance, so I wanted to be a guinea pig before trying him on something new. He's also asthmatic and had a couple of brutal winter attacks that needed a lot of steroids.

After my experience with CurraNZ and seeing the research, I’m going to try him on the product too.

On a selfish note, I took up running with my bestie (pictured), and if I can't keep up my fitness, I have a hard time keeping up with her. She leads, I follow, even on a couple of off-road Ultras, just the 50km kind. My running buddy is English, is now considering swapping her Red Shots for CurraNZ too!

I thank you for this fabulous product."

Suzy Crimmins, Tauranga, New Zealand


About blackcurrants and asthma

According to research, consumption of certain fruits can alleviate the incidence of asthma, expecially in children. Blackcurrants have been shown to suppress allergenic responses and may reduce the risk of allergy-induced asthma and/or allergic conditions in general. 

Blackcurrant proanthocyanidins augment IFN-c-induced suppression of IL-4 stimulated CCL26 secretion in alveolar epithelial cells, New Zealand Plant and Food, Hurst et al, Molecular Nutrition Food Research, DOI 10.1002/mnfr.200900297

To read the research,