Insights to the fat burning properties of CurraNZ - what the science says

Insights to the fat burning properties of CurraNZ - what the science says

WORLD-FIRST research is showing that New Zealand blackcurrant extract favours fat as fuel in active people and can enhance the natural benefits of exercise.

Five studies have shown CurraNZ has a potent effect on 'fat oxidation' - or fat burning - in men and women, over long and short exercise sessions - and to an unprecedented degree.

With health guidelines recommending 30 minutes a day of exercise, incorporating CurraNZ can help make your activity sessions more effective. 

Whether you're a recreational exerciser, elite athlete or pre-diabetic, additional fat burning is good news, whether you're wanting to improve performance, get better results from your time at the gym or support weight management goals. 

What does the research say? 

Last year, a Liverpool John Moores University study (story here, Journal paper here) found that CurraNZ improved fat oxidation (fat burning) during two hours of moderate-intensity cycling in women by on average by 27%, with one participant showing increases of up to 55%.

These findings are impressive, not only because improvements of over 20% are normally only observed after three to four weeks of regular endurance exercise, but because improving already highly-conditioned systems of athletes is very difficult to achieve. With those factors taken into account, the findings are even more newsworthy.This study repeated an earlier one carried out by the University of Chichester, which showed an average 21% increase in fat burning in men.

If you're not an elite athlete, then fear not - the effects are going to be at least as effective, if not more, if you're unfit and overweight. 

The great thing too, is if you burn more fat, you'll have better endurance and less fatigue - meaning you can do more in each training session. 

 .How many more calories will you burn
The amount of additional calories you burn during exercise will be significant - or insignificant - depending on your daily dietary habits


Like any weight management strategy, you need to move more, eat sensibly and be consistent. 

Let's put it into real terms. You will burn approximately on average 116 extra calories across a moderate-intensity two-hour bike ride with CurraNZ.

Across weeks and months, not to mention all the activity you do in a course of a day, that all adds up. But undo all that good work with a Mars bar afterwards, and you'll be wasting your time.

Dosing - timing and daily use is critical

Daily use is essential - use CurraNZ intermittently and it will have no effect on fat burning. 

Two capsules is more effective than one and they must be taken around two hours before activity. 


Meet the customers harnessing CurraNZ for successful weight management

We've had customers of varying fitness and weight ranges from several countries reporting great results with CurraNZ. 

European triathlon champion Camilla Lindholm Borg discovered CurraNZ after having had her second baby. With 15kg to lose and 'a lot of hard work ahead of me', the Swedish mother reports that CurraNZ helped her 'get to her greatest shape ever - and the weight came off easily'. 



New Zealander John Walters (pictured, above), took on an eight-week diet and exercise program and met his goal of losing 20kgs in eight weeks (video here). Now, he's going after another 20kg. 

Athlete Hana-Rae Seifert (above, left) also lost 20kg of fat whilst preparing for her first pro-am body-building competition in March. 


Brit Laura Dryden (above) lost ten stone after realising she needed to change her life when tipping the scales at 18 and a half stone in her early 20s. She took up running and found the recovery and fat burning actions of CurraNZ had a dramatic impact on her regime - and results.  

Our money-back guarantee

CurraNZ has a money back guarantee for muscle recovery but cannot extend to fat/weight loss due to the numerous diet and exercise factors that play a significant role in outcomes.

We can assure you that, unlike most fat burners on the market, CurraNZ is totally natural and doesn't contain chemical cocktail of 'frankenstein' ingredients, isn't loaded with caffeine and has no side effects.

Plus, unlike products making fat-burning claims, CurraNZ is actually proven in science and has a multitude of health and fitness benefits that will help you reach your goals.