Reach your health and exercise goals with CurraNZ

Reach your health and exercise goals with CurraNZ



IF like many Aussies, you’ve struggled with lockdown weight gain and your fitness has slipped over the festive season, CurraNZ is here to help.

Take control of your health and exercise goals this year.

CurraNZ is a multi-award-winning, research-backed supplement. It is THE companion supplement to help tackle weight gain, enhance the benefits of exercise, make activity easier and improve your health. It has recently been tipped as the 'must have' cardio cheat by Sustain Health Magazine.

Here are five reasons CurraNZ can help you reach your health and exercise goals faster, whatever your age or fitness level.

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1. CurraNZ is even more effective for fat burning in overweight individuals

Want four weeks for one? Research has shown that one week of CurraNZ provides fat-burning adaptations equivalent to four weeks of exercise. Not only that, we’ve discovered it’s even more effective in individuals with a higher body mass. This remarkable development is great news for dieters, because overweight and unhealthy individuals often have poorer fat-burning rates.

Six studies have shown that CurraNZ helps the body favour fat as fuel and it’s even more pronounced if you’re overweight, with increases of up to 106% in those with the highest body mass indexes.

One-two capsules daily, two hours before exercising, is all that’s required to get these natural fat-burning benefits. Plus, the effect improves with longer use – but must be taken daily.

2. CurraNZ improves insulin responses

Indulged more than you should have over the December and January festive season?

New health research on CurraNZ has shown that it may help tackle obesity by reducing sugar spikes and improving insulin sensitivity.

Insulin promotes the storage of fat and blocks its release from fat storage. So, if your insulin responses aren’t as they should be, then instead of losing weight, you’ll just keep gaining. 

Our research has shown that just two capsules daily for a week significantly improved insulin sensitivity by a whopping 22%, while also reducing harmful inflammation levels by 24%.

3. Improved blood flow makes exercise easier

Finding it hard to muster the energy to get started on that daily walk? CurraNZ is a natural vasodilator, so it expands the blood vessels and helps to lower stress in the cardiovascular system.

Our studies show this dilation effect lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow up to a whopping 35% during exercise. This means muscles don't need to work so hard and you'll experience lower levels of fatigue.

Plus, with reduced pressure on the cardiovascular system, exertion is easier, which is a big winner for older people and unfit people.  

4. Go longer and feel better about it

CurraNZ helps you to go for longer without realising it. Scientists tested blackcurrant on healthy but unfit, sedentary exercisers in a low-impact walking activity. They found subjects went further, with improved mood responses.

Those on blackcurrant supplements experienced less perceived exertion after 34 minutes of walking and had consistently higher feeling and mood scores than the placebo group, with three individuals walking for two hours.

Only 10% of participants in the placebo group walked further than 10km, compared with 30% of participants in the blackcurrant group.

5. Avoid ‘DOMS’ with fewer aching muscles

CurraNZ is brilliant for accelerating recovery from exercise and avoiding the dreaded ‘DOMS’ – delayed onset muscle soreness – which can be a major setback to anyone (at any level) starting a new regime.

The antioxidants in CurraNZ and its effect on recovery enable your body to better handle exercise stress, so you can do it more regularly! We know how effective CurraNZ is for muscle recovery, so if you don't feel a difference, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Sound too go to be true? Don’t take our word for it. Read what Sharyn, a customer from Queensland, has to say:

“I have been taking CurraNZ for well over a year now. I have had many health issues over the last 18 months but CurraNZ has definitely helped with my recoveries. In fact, after my hysterectomy from cancer I was placed into medically induced menopause and suffered terribly.

I truly believe taking CurraNZ every day has reduced my symptoms by at least 80% and I have dropped 5kg. These pictures pretty much sum up my adventure, they are taken three years apart. I’m 52 in December and feeling pretty good.

CurraNZ really is a miracle pill. It will always be a part of my daily routine.”

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