The essential CurraNZ product guide for fat burning

The essential CurraNZ product guide for fat burning

CurraNZ Original has shown its fat burning properties in seven studies


WORLD-FIRST research is showing that our CurraNZ Original supplement can be considered a serious tool for weight management.

CurraNZ will only deliver results when used daily and with a sensible (restricted) diet and regular exercise. It will not overcome a poor diet or sedentary lifestyle.

Here are the five steps for using the product to best effect (based on seven published studies).

  1. Daily use is essential. Using intermittently, ie every second day, will not activate the mechanisms responsible for enhanced fat burning during exercise1.

    : Keep the supplement somewhere that will serve as a visual reminder to take it every day. We suggest keeping a strip of CurraNZ capsules in different places - by the kettle, on your bedside table and work desk.

  2. Take two-three capsules daily. Whilst one capsule will deliver a benefit, the higher doses are more effective. We recommend two capsules as a ‘sweet spot’, as per the dosing used in the majority of our studies2.

  3. Take two hours before exercise. This is the time required for the bioactives in CurraNZ, called anthocyanins, to be absorbed and take effect. They need to be present in high concentrations in the blood, in order to work.

    Tip: Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to dose before your most active period of the day

  4. Longer intake leads to better results. A 2021 study3 in men showed that CurraNZ-induced improvements fat burning were even greater with longer use.

    The fat burning improvements were just getting going after week one, but even better (+6%) after week two. The expectation is this will be the same for women, too.   

    Tip: Use the product daily – it must be used on the days you don’t exercise, too.
  1. Use CurraNZ in a fasted or semi-fasted state. The studies(1-7) have been performed in the morning, two hours following a light breakfast of one slice of bread and a glass of water.

    Tip: Exercise in a low carbohydrate state or in the morning after an overnight fast. Take CurraNZ immediately upon rising, before you exercise.
Not just a fat-burner, CurraNZ is a brilliant whole-body ‘balancer’ too

CurraNZ helps regulate blood sugar responses

CurraNZ can improve glycaemic responses after meal and reduce sugar spikes, which can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance8.

Additionally, our extract reduces obesity-driven inflammation and increases insulin sensitivity to a significant degree(8). These are fundamental for healthy blood sugar responses and overall weight management.    

Insulin controls fat storage and is another key contributing factor for weight gain.


CurraNZ aids insulin sensitivity


CurraNZ reduces barriers to exercise

Increasing activity is fundamental to weight management and this is where CurraNZ can make life easier.

CurraNZ has been proven to accelerate muscle recovery, reduce post-exercise soreness9,10,11 and widen blood vessels12,13,15, making exertion easier13,14.

Muscle soreness is a key culprit for sabotaging many exercise regimes. CurraNZ has been shown to halve muscle soreness9 and improve blood flow 45%13 during exercise – plus we guarantee it for muscle recovery (more on this below).


CurraNZ can help newcomers to exercise 

CurraNZ offers unprecedented effects on fat burning adaptations

Seven studies1-7 have shown CurraNZ has a potent effect on 'fat oxidation' - or fat burning - in men and women, over long and short exercise durations, in normal and hot conditions - and is particularly effective in those with a higher body fat mass.

Whether you're a recreational exerciser, elite athlete or newcomer to training, additional fat burning is good news, because it leads to less fatigue and enhanced health outcomes. 

Using the product for a week can deliver fat burning improvements normally associated with up to three months of exercise4.

People with a higher body mass index3 and fat deposits on the arms, legs and abdomen4 enjoy even greater fat burning increases (average 66% up to 102%) with the supplement.

The latest studies1,3,4 have been performed in men and women during 30 minutes brisk walking exercise, which is a recommended undertaking by the World Health Organisation, five days a week.

The women’s study4 published in March, showed those with larger concentrations of fat on their legs benefited more from CurraNZ than those with fat localised to their arms. Researchers believe this is because adipocytes (fat cells) in the legs may contribute more to fat burning during exercise than cells located in the arms or abdomen. 

We. now understand these fat burning improvements can be achieved without breaking a sweat and are applicable to everyone, including people with naturally higher rates of fat burning.

You don’t have to go to the gym or undertake strenuous exercise for hours at a time – you can enjoy enhanced fat burning during normal activities across the course of the day.  This could be walking to the shop, gardening, or doing housework - any low-to-moderate intensity activity will fall into this category.

And finally... consistency is key

As a final reminder, like any weight management strategy, you need to move more, eat sensibly and be consistent. 

Across the weeks and months, it all adds up. But undo all that good work with regular overindulgence and a sedentary lifestyle, and you'll be wasting your time.

Read our latest study here:
Enhanced walking-induced fat burning with CurraNZ is body composition dependent


CurraNZ is guaranteed to improve muscle recovery after exercise

Our money-back guarantee

CurraNZ has a money back guarantee for muscle recovery but cannot extend to fat/weight loss due to the numerous diet and exercise factors that play a significant role in outcomes.

We can assure you that, unlike most fat burners on the market, CurraNZ is totally natural and doesn't contain any synthetic ingredients, isn't loaded with caffeine and has no side effects.

Plus, unlike products making fat-burning claims, CurraNZ is actually proven in science and has a multitude of health and fitness benefits that will help you reach your goals. 



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