Anti-Influenza Virus Activity of Two Extracts of the Blackcurrant from New Zealand and Poland

Synopsis: Researchers investigated the inhibitory effect of New Zealand and Poland blackcurrant extracts on four strains of Influenza virus.

Previous studies have shown that blackcurrant has antiviral effects against several viral species, including respiratory syncytial virus, IFV-A and IFV-B. 

Anthocyanins from blackcurrant are known to inhibit Influenza virus adsorption to cells and also virus release from infected cells. 

This study focused on the preventative effects against Influenza virus infection and whether the extract can disinfect pandemic or vaccine-resistant flu strains, both of which have severe global impact due to the lack of specific immunities or difficulties in their treatment.

This study found blackcurrant extract proved highly effective in acting as a disinfectant against Swine flu IFV-AH1 (Pandemic 2009-2010), Hong Kong flu (IFV-AH3), vaccine-resistant Russian flu (IFV-AH1tam) and Influenza Virus Type B (IFB-B). 

Blackcurrant extract has the potential to prevent infection in the pandemic and drug-resistant Influenza strains employed in this study.

Blackcurrant also showed different antiviral effects against several viral species and could be used as a component in healthcare goods for the prevention of IFV infection.

Journal of Medical Science  DOI 10.5387/fms.59.35