Anti-viral and anti-bacterial activities of an extract of blackcurrants

Synopsis: This study observed that blackcurrant extract inhibited both viral adsorption onto cell surfaces, replication and viral growth in cells and is a mild and natural prophylactic against infectious diseases.

The antiviral effects of blackcurrants have been observed across a wide spectrum
of viruses, from RNA viruses (IFV and RSV) to DNA viruses (AdV and HSV).

Additionally, blackcurrant extract has the potential to alleviate symptoms associated with IFV-A, -B and RSV through inhibition of viral replication.

Unlike influenza virus or HSV-1, there are so far no effective antiviral drugs against RSV - Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common virus that infects your airways and lungs. It is highly contagious, causes severe respiratory symptoms and spreads easily. Low concentrations of Blackcurrant extract inhibited RSV adsorption by more than 85%.

This study also observed blackcurrant extract’s preventive effects against viral adsorption of enveloped viruses, such as IFV-A, -B, RSV and HSV-1. 

Microbiology and Immunology DOI:10.1111/j.1348-0421.2012.00510.x