Intra-individual responses to New Zealand blackcurrant extract during high-intensity, intermittent running? A repeat response study

SYNOPSIS: Researchers examined whether CurraNZ Blackcurrant extract can consistently enhance running performance on repeated occasions after using two capsules of the CurraNZ supplement for a week.

The University of Chichester study investigated whether individuals would experience a variation of responses to the berry supplement, which is common with most sports supplements.

Sixteen active males performed a high-intensity, intermittent treadmill running test following seven days’ loading on 600mg CurraNZ extract or placebo across five testing sessions.

The findings in the randomized, double-blind crossover design study showed:

  • 38% of participants were consistently high responders up to 37.8%
  • Six of the 16 subjects improved their total distance from 8.3% up to 37.8% across both blackcurrant trials
  • Nine participants improved their total distance a minimum of 7.9% in at least one trial

Nine of the subjects consistently enhanced their performance on blackcurrant when repeatedly tested in the randomized trials. The study included periods of at least two weeks of washout, in which subjects did not use the supplement, before re-taking blackcurrant extract for a week and again showing enhanced performance outcomes, with high responders in 38% of individuals.

Blackcurrant responders improved their average total running distance by 262m– 394m and average sprint distance by 116m-265m compared to the placebo condition.

Conclusion: Blackcurrant is effective for individuals looking to consistently and repeatedly improve their performance in sports characterised by high-intensity intermittent running.

The study abstract, Intra-Individual responses to New Zealand blackcurrant extract during high-intensity, intermittent running: A repeat response study was released at the International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference, Newcastle, December 2018.