New Zealand blackcurrant extract attenuates enterocyte damage following exertional heat stress

SYNOPSIS: University of Chichester researchers examined whether CurraNZ blackcurrant extract can help athletes reduce the risk of gastro-intestinal stress during exercise in the heat.

Twelve unacclimatised men took 600mg of CurraNZ for seven days before performing 60 minutes of moderate-intensity treadmill running in hot ambient conditions (34°C, 40% humidity).  Measurements were taken of intestinal fatty acid binding protein, a marker of enterocyte damage, at rest and 20, 60 and 240 minutes post-exercise.

The findings showed:

  • Robust evidence that blackcurrant helps reduce heat exertion-induced gastro-intestinal damage

Conclusion: Blackcurrant extract exerted a significant reduction in this marker of intestinal cell damage at each post-exercise time point, indicating blackcurrant helps maintain intestinal integrity.