Blackcurrant becoming a 'game changer' for active people seeking fast recovery from exercise

Blackcurrant becoming a 'game changer' for active people seeking fast recovery from exercise

NEW ZEALAND-grown blackcurrants have taken off in the UK as a natural intervention for recovery from exercise and are quickly winning fans in Australia.

Australian team marathon and ultra-marathon representative Andrew Heyden, a veteran runner of 20 years, has set several new personal bests since using blackcurrant extract CurraNZ.

His most recent achievement was fourth place at the Australian 50km Championships, held in Canberra mid April.

The Sydney-based 43-year-old has hailed the improvement to his recovery as one of the most noticeable benefits of utilising this breakthrough berry fruit.

Now big clubs like AFL team Brisbane Lions are getting in on the act too.

World Multisport Champion Dougal Allan (pictured, left) has also declared the berry a ‘game changer’ after testing it extensively with his training and racing on the world stage over the last 18 months.

Dougal says: “Blackcurrants have an ever-expanding list of benefits, but one of its most relevant is the drastic improvements in blood flow and oxygen delivery to working muscles.

"CurraNZ has been a complete game-changer regarding endurance performance and subsequent recovery and is proven to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness,” he says.

Blackcurrants are a rich source of polyphenols, which increase blood flow 20%-35% and act as powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

They help protect muscles from tissue damage and fatigue, clear metabolic waste products and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

CurraNZ is created from the anthocyanin-rich, purple skins of New Zealand blackcurrants, and has the equivalent of 85 berries in each capsule.

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