CurraNZ – Your questions answered

Q.  What is CurraNZ?

A.  CurraNZ is a natural food supplement in a capsule, containing a 100% natural freeze-dried New Zealand blackcurrant extract formulation – the only high-potency supplement of its kind on the UK market.

Berries have long been promoted as having health-protective benefits and disease-fighting properties. New Zealand blackcurrants are THE major players for their nutrient density and the active compounds in CurraNZ have a range of health and sports benefits.

Each capsule contains approximately a generous handful of New Zealand blackcurrants per 300mg.

 Q. How do I log onto my account? 

A. 1. Go to the website curranz.com and click on the 'person' icon on the top-right-hand side of the main menu. 
2. Log in - enter your email address (registered during any previous purchases) and password. 
3. Click on 'Manage Subscription' (top, left of screen) which will provide access to the account. It will also provide access to your subscription account too. 
If you have any issues, please contact us: info@healthcurrancy.co.uk and we will be happy to assist. 

Q.  How does CurraNZ help me?

A. Taking CurraNZ provides a huge amount of health and sports benefits.

Check out our research page for overviews on studies undertaken on CurraNZ.

Q.  How quickly will I feel the effects of CurraNZ?

A.  This depends on what you are taking CurraNZ for.

For exercise:

To enjoy improved sports recovery, take TWO HOURS before exercising.

For performance and fat burning, a seven-day loading period of one-two capsules is required. Effects improve with longer intake.

Use daily for best results.

For general health:

Some people experience results quicker than others, but we recommend using one capsule daily for general health. For menopausal hot flushes, better results can be achieved with two-three capsules daily for a month.

Q.  How many should I take?

A.  For recovery: Up to 75kgs – 1 capsule. Over 75kg – 2 capsules.
For optimal performance: Two capsules, irrespective of body weight.
For fat burning during exercise: One-two capsules two hours before exercise. Use daily. One capsule will still work, but to a slightly lesser degree than the higher dose.

If you are using CurraNZ for exercise for periods spanning over six hours then re-dose six hours after the initial dose.  

Q.  Can I take more than two capsules a day?

A. Yes, it is fine to increase dose to a maximum of three capsules at one time if you are undertaking a lot of exercise or extreme endurance tests.  

Q.  Is CurraNZ safe?

A.  CurraNZ only contains fruit and is free of additives, synthetic ingredients, chemicals or sugar. We use only premium, high-purity New Zealand blackcurrant extract made by one of the world’s leading producers. Always use in conjunction with a balanced diet. If using with medication, ask your doctor's advice. 

Q.  Is CurraNZ drug-free?

A. We only use natural ingredients in the content and capsule. As an Informed-Sport certified brand, every batch is drug tested to give professional athletes confidence in its clean supplement status and quality assurance.


Q.  What makes CurraNZ unique?                                   

A.  New Zealand Blackcurrants are a ‘superfood’, containing the highest levels of polyphenolic compounds and anthocyanins, of any fruit in the world. They have been shown to have many beneficial actions in the body, particularly for athletes, demonstrating effects not found before in other food supplements.

The superior nature of the fruit is due to the unique climatic conditions in which they are grown, in the South Island of New Zealand. The unique blackcurrant varieties, strong ultraviolet sunlight, hot summers and harsh winters result in berries that produce very high concentrations of these health-giving compounds.  

Q.  What is the money-back guarantee about?

A. This money back guarantee is for exercise-induced muscle soreness, if you don’t observe a reduction in this or improvement in recovery from exercise after using CurraNZ for a month, we will refund your money.


Q.  Does CurraNZ need to be taken with or without food?

A.  It can be taken at any time and is gentle on the stomach.

Q.  Where can I buy CurraNZ?

A. You can buy CurraNZ directly from us as a one-off or cancel-at-any-time subscription https://curranz.com/products/curranz