New Zealand’s pristine growing conditions, strong UV sunlight and cold winters provide the perfect environment for Curranz blackcurrants

At the heart of our brand DNA is Aoteoroa – famous for its unique, pure growing landscape and rich agricultural history. Our nation offers a perfect fusion of environmental conditions to produce one of the world’s premium ‘super fruits’ - the blackcurrant.

Located in the Canterbury Plains of the South Island, our blackcurrant farms are fed by pure mountain water that runs from the Southern Alps and sustains the rich soils of the region. Combined with the cold winters, hot summers and powerful ultra-violet sunlight, these natural elements strike just the right balance for growing the perfect blackcurrant from our special varieties.

These superb activating influences from the environment are at the heart of why we created CurraNZ – the clue is in the name, after all – and with great care, we have harnessed the power of arguably the most nutrient-rich, nutrient-dense berry-fruit in the world.

Picked and frozen within hours to lock in the fresh, natural goodness of these blackcurrants at their best, we then carefully freeze-dry and capture every nutritious part of the berry to create a rich extract powder. The result – one of the most potent, natural anthocyanin extract supplements available in the world, which gives CurraNZ its amazing array of health and fitness benefits.

Proudly grown in New Zealand. Perfected in Nature. Proven in Science.


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Meet the friendly faces of CurraNZ®.

Tim Wilson. Chairman of CurraNZ®



Tom turned his knowledge and experience as a partner in KPMG in 'Turnaround Management” and “Business Profit Builder” to founding and building highly successful businesses and generating wealth for shareholders. As Founder and Managing Director of Radius Health Group, Tom helped build a business with over $200 million in revenues and 3,000 staff in five years. This included 42 Pharmacies and 19 Medical Centres. He has been National President of the Export Institute of New Zealand and was also CEO of Satara Limited (Kiwifruit).

Fleur Cushman. Co-founder of CurraNZ®



Fleur grew up under the life-shaping influence of her father, natural health pioneer and pharmacist Mike Cushman, who developed the hugely successful 'Clinicians' range of vitamin and mineral supplements.

It was Mike who shared with Fleur the power of New Zealand blackcurrants and urged her to develop its incredible potential on the international stage.Fleur has lived in the UK for over 20 years and before launching CurraNZ, was a sports journalist and editor on a leading national newspaper.

Scott Cushman. Co-founder of CurraNZ®


Co-founder, New Zealand

Scott has experience working in the health industry for 10+ years, training pharmacy staff on the Clinicians range of dietary supplements and heading up customer services in a busy compounding pharmacy. His interest in media (videography, freelance writing and photography) has become a stronger focus of late along with social media strategy.


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