'Britain’s fittest 60-year-old' and Ironman veteran, reveals CurraNZ is his go-to supplement

'Britain’s fittest 60-year-old' and Ironman veteran, reveals CurraNZ is his go-to supplement

HE’S clocked up a staggering 265,000 miles during 40 years of sporting achievements that has earned him the accolade of being the fittest 60-year-old in Britain.

Mark Kleanthous has raced in over 500 triathlons, 100 marathons and is just one of five Brits to have completed a triple-Iron-distance triathlon.

Last week, the big CurraNZ fan was featured in regional press in the UK for his incredible sporting exploits and was a guest on BBC’s Three Counties Health and Wellbeing show (pictured above, with host Nana Akura).

Mark isn’t planning on slowing down either, and the endurance athlete and coach credits his more recent extraordinary achievements to our blackcurrant supplement.

Mark is a full-time professional competitor, open water and sport nutrition coach, mentor, author and motivational guest speaker.

The veteran of over 1,200 races globally says: “CurraNZ makes everything smoother for me, whether that’s running, swimming or cycling. I find my recovery from muscle soreness is much faster when I take them.”

Having started using our blackcurrant extract in 2014, he says: “CurraNZ has really helped me recover like I used to 12-15 years ago. I recover much quicker and have improved stamina by being able to keep going at a high intensity for longer.

“Since using CurraNZ I have had some impressive performances in training and triathlons.

“I can often experience sore muscles 48 hours after big training sessions but after some five-hour work-outs (swimming/cycling/running) I have been sleepy rather than tired and have had no problems with delayed muscle soreness.

“I will continue to use CurraNZ and will highly recommend to my athletes. The only negative is it works so will unlikely tell any athlete in the same age group as me!”

Mark is author of The Complete Book of Triathlon, one of the sport’s essential references and owned by some the fastest triathletes on the planet. The third edition is being released this year and can be purchased from Mark's website and is also available from Amazon as hardback and Kindle versions.