'Could it be these work? I had the best 70km ride I've had in a long time and felt really good on CurraNZ"

'Could it be these work? I had the best 70km ride I've had in a long time and felt really good on CurraNZ"

THIS month’s prize winner is Trish Nicol, 59, who discovered her love of running and biking late in life and has raced some of New Zealand’s most iconic trail and multisport events.

A delivery driver for Farm Fresh South in Invercargill, Trish took up trail running at 46 and ‘got hooked’. A back injury saw her take up biking instead - and progress to triathlon.

She says: “In my second triathlon, Xterra Motatapu, I qualified to go to Maui to the Xterra World Champs, which I did and finished sixth of 14 in my age group.

“Last year I was lucky enough to qualify for the ITU world champs in Denmark where I competed in the Cross Triathlon and got sixth again.

“Also last year I finally ticked a big one off the bucket list and did the Coast to Coast two-day event and was third in my age group.

“These days I don’t do a lot of running because the cartilage in my knees is pretty shot, so I just wing the runs.

“Also, another problem I have these days is arthritis – particularly in my hands, which makes getting the wetsuit off after a cold swim a bit tricky. I am hoping that CurraNZ might help with joint stiffness!”  

Trish discovered CurraNZ through Dougal Allan, a brand ambassador.

“Dougal is a top man and I don’t think he would endorse something that he didn’t truly believe was good, so I thought I would give it a go.”

Soon after taking the plunge, Trish contacted us, writing:

“I am a new customer and have never used CurraNZ before so I was a little sceptical about how good they would be.

“Last Saturday morning I was feeling very lethargic (normal after a hard, working week) but I needed to get a mountain bike ride in as Sunday wasn’t going to work for me.

“I decided to try the CurraNZ and honestly thought ‘this is going to be a really crap ride’!

“To my surprise – when I got out there I felt really good and had one of the best rides I’ve had for a long time. I had lots of energy right throughout the 70 km hilly and windy ride.

“Could it be that the CurraNZ actually work?  I can’t afford to use them every day so will just be keeping them for long training sessions!”

We're confident Trish will have plenty more great training sessions with CurraNZ - and wish her all the best with her prize of two cartons of CurraNZ.