CurraNZ athlete fights her way to National Karate title

CurraNZ athlete fights her way to National Karate title

A BIG congratulations to the newest CurraNZ athlete, Andrea Anacan, who recently became the New Zealand National Champion in women’s Kata, one of two categories in Karate competition (pictured accepting her medal, below).



Also the Oceania title-holder, Aucklander Andrea has been competing internationally to climb the world rankings in a bid to gain qualification for the big event in Tokyo next year.

Currently ninth in the world, Andrea only has two more competitions to go and is looking strong to become just one of two representatives from Oceania.

Andrea uses CurraNZ in her training and enjoys the recovery benefits of our little superfruit. She especially likes the fact she rises the next day with minimal pain or stiffness after heavy exercise.

Karate is a system of self-defense and is a great discipline for gaining self-confidence through self-discipline.

Andrea was in the NZ Herald earlier this year when she was working in her family business and had to subdue a customer who became violent. An unfortunate incident but one that she was able to walk away from, thanks to her Karate skills, once the police stepped in. 

We’re looking forward to seeing her progress in the next two competitions and wish her the best of luck for next year.