The Highlanders power to magnificent Super Rugby win with CurraNZ

The Highlanders power to magnificent Super Rugby win with CurraNZ

SUPER RUGBY ignited the Kiwi sporting scene last weekend, and CurraNZ®, launched its new partnership as Official Nutrition Supplier to the Highlanders Super Rugby team in spectacular style.

Super Rugby is the highest level of rugby being played in the world at this present time. 

The Highlanders made their debut powered by CurraNZ®, the go-to legal performance-enhancing supplement that has been making a big name in international sporting circles.

The South Island team was ahead right up until just a few minutes before the final whistle, when the Chiefs scored a drop goal to take them just a point clear of the Highlanders. 

Fighting to the end, our CurraNZ-powered side turned over the ball and kicked another drop goal in reply, to seal the game 28-27.

The Highlanders are the latest signing for CurraNZ®, sponsor to a growing number of leading New Zealand athletes and supplier to elite sporting organisations across Australasia and Britain.

Highlanders nutritionist, Rebecca Jackson says: "It is great to be partnered with CurraNZ®.

"We love that their blackcurrant supplement is grown in New Zealand. It also is backed by science and undergoes rigorous testing for banned substances reducing the risk for our team – this is very important for us.

"Alongside an optimal diet, CurraNZ® offers our players that little bit extra to support their performance and recovery."

CurraNZ® Co-Founder, Fleur Cushman says this partnership is further proof of the supplement’s world-class reputation to arm athletes with a competitive edge.

She says: “Our international research program and track record has established CurraNZ® as a trusted and potent sports supplement with multiple game-changing benefits to high-performance athletes.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working closely with an iconic Super Rugby side like the mighty Highlanders and to secure a high-profile deal of this nature in our home market.

“Rugby players have to withstand enormous physical demands in top-class rugby competition. The potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood-flow-promoting properties of CurraNZ® will help the Highlanders to perform, recover and cope with their high training loads.

“The supplement is particularly advantageous to team-based running sports like rugby, so it’s an ideal partnership opportunity for CurraNZ® and the Highlanders.”

Adding to the synergy of this partnership, CurraNZ® Blackcurrants are farmed and sourced locally at the Highlanders neighbouring Southern region.

This latest announcement comes after a new meta-analysis study confirmed that New Zealand blackcurrant is ‘the most effective legal sports performance enhancer on offer’.

Eight of the nine studies evaluated in the landmark review paper were performed on CurraNZ®.

The study authors from Auckland University and New Zealand Plant and Food Research concluded that New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanin extract ‘significantly’ improves performance and to a greater degree than other common legal sports performance supplements.

British research has illustrated how athletes can cover more distance, better maintain sprint efforts and suffer less fatigue in running-based sports using CurraNZ®.

The meta-analysis review represents a crowning moment for CurraNZ®, which has been a trailblazing New Zealand sports nutrition supplement brand since its launch in 2014. 

To date, 19 peer-reviewed sports performance and health studies have established its efficacy. With its unrivalled sports research program, CurraNZ has set the benchmark for Canterbury-grown blackcurrants and is used by some of the biggest names in sport in New Zealand, Australia, and Britain. 

Accredited by the global trusted supplement program, Informed-Sport, CurraNZ is certified for use by professional athletes.