CurraNZ takes Sports Nutrition Product of the Year in the Nutra-Ingredients USA 2021 Awards

CurraNZ takes Sports Nutrition Product of the Year in the Nutra-Ingredients USA 2021 Awards

CurraNZ has been voted the Best Sports Nutrition Product in the prestigious 2021 Nutra Ingredients USA Product Awards.

Nutra Ingredients USA Awards honour the best and brightest in ingredients, finished products, companies, people and initiatives in the nutrition and dietary supplements industry. 

In being crowned with the award, the broad application and research behind CurraNZ came in for special mention:

‘The judges were moved by a recent meta analysis study that found Curranz to be highly effective in a crowded space of performance enhancing supplements.

‘Other research suggests blackcurrant as having great potential for the future of sports nutrition supplements across a range of sports modalities.

‘The judges also appreciated that CurraNZ is certified by Informed-Sport.’ 

Since its launch in 2014, 31 peer-reviewed sports performance and health clinical trials have been published on CurraNZ, (with another due out shortly!).

Our first-to-market proprietary supplement harnesses the unique botanical properties of the New Zealand blackcurrant, rich in the polyphenols – anthocyanins – and dietetically wrapped into a clinically proven, high potency extract, Enzans®.

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood flow-promoting properties of the CurraNZ bioactives have demonstrated spectral properties for muscle recovery and athletic performance. 

Commenting on the award, CurraNZ Co-Founder, Fleur Cushman (left) says:

“Winning this award at Nutra Ingredients USA is another tremendous moment for CurraNZ.

“When I started on this journey with New Zealand blackcurrant extract, little was known about its properties. We identified that scientific evaluation would be crucial to the product gaining traction and acceptance in the international sports nutrition market sector.

“We are therefore thrilled with the progress we’ve made and delighted to share this success with everyone who has contributed to the scientific breakthroughs that have elevated the product to the big stage. Thank you to Nutra Ingredients USA for this wonderful accolade.

“We are proud to see the product being used by a large cross-section of active users in both hemispheres, not only world-class sports teams, but recreational athletes who are using the product to maximise and enjoy their exercise efforts.”