Customer stunned at hitting new marathon PB at 49 - and was ready to run again just three days later

Customer stunned at hitting new marathon PB at 49 - and was ready to run again just three days later

SEASONED marathoner Karl Spielmann set a new PB in the Berlin marathon last month – and credits CurraNZ for the ‘amazing’ changes to his performance, recovery and fuelling.

The 49-year-old managing director of a city finance firm ran 2:32.30 – his fastest time in 14 marathons – and says he was ready to run again just two and a half days later.

A CurraNZ user for three years, Karl says: “I wasn’t expecting a PB at 49. From reading your newsletters I see other recreational athletes are reporting similar improvements and increasing their performance baseline later in life with CurraNZ, which is really unusual. My time was really good for my age."

Karl is working his way through the 'Big Six' marathons. With London and Berlin complete, Tokyo is next on his list.

“The difference in my muscle recovery and fatigue is amazing. 

"Before CurraNZ, it’d be ten days after a marathon before I’d even think about jogging. I’d have really bad DOMS in my quads and calves, stairs would be out of the question and I wouldn’t think about doing anything until well into the second week.

“With CurraNZ my recovery is off the scale - it’s been a real eye-opener. My friends who ran the Berlin Marathon couldn’t believe I was ready to go again so soon.”

Karl runs six days a week, covering 80-85 miles, some days with double sessions. He runs a marathon every spring and autumn and will focus on Tokyo in the spring, followed by Chicago, Boston and New York in the next few years.


Looking back, reflects on gains he’s enjoyed since using CurraNZ.

He says, “I’ve definitely seen an improvement in the consistency of my training. I don’t miss a session and feel better for the next one – and that’s what marathon training is all about - consistency.”

The real-world application of the fat-burning and carbohydrate-sparing effects of CurraNZ have been becoming more evident to him, too – reflecting the what researchers have been observing in the laboratory.  

“I’ve changed my nutrition because the changes I’m seeing with CurraNZ are giving me better fat-burning efficiencies. The gels were making me sick so I’ve been able to dramatically reduce my intake during races. They made me really unwell for six miles in the Rotterdam marathon and I barely made it to the finish line.

“I had a lightbulb moment the night before the Berlin marathon when my pals revealed how many gels they were using. I’ve switched to the small Clif blocks which have a lower concentration of carbohydrate  - and I only used two in the marathon. When I mentioned how little I am using, they thought I’m only making it harder for myself, but that simply isn’t the case.

“I’ve realised CurraNZ is giving me a more controlled way of getting around without all the gels. Besides, it’s not good to mainline all that glucose at high frequency.”

With London and Berlin ‘in the bag’, next on Karl’s hitlist is the Tokyo Marathon on March 1, ticking off three of the ‘big six’ marathon majors (Chicago, New York and Boston completing the group). Long term, he’s looking to mix it up with the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc for some dramatic off-road variety - and we wish him all the best.