Double Happy - couple find benefits after trying CurraNZ

Double Happy - couple find benefits after trying CurraNZ

This month's customer prize goes to Waikato couple, Kylie and Glenn. 

After speaking to a CurraNZ employee, Kylie decided to try some CurraNZ to help her energy levels and gave some to her husband, Glenn, to try as well.

She said: "I have been taking two capsules religiously every morning and a third in the afternoon on days I need the extra boost."

"Since my first order, I suggested to my husband that he should give them a go, that they might help with his blood pressure and energy levels. 

"He only takes the two in the morning, I can’t say that mid afternoon slump has been cured, but I can tell you that before CurraNZ, I could clearly hear his strained heartbeat when lying in bed at night. It would beat like a weathered drum ready to explode. It was actually kinda scary. 

"I’m not sure how long it took, but one night I noticed it was quiet! I put my ear to his chest and sure enough, it was still beating the same strained sound, but much, much quieter. 

"I haven’t checked but I’m sure it has lowered his blood pressure which was high and medicated due to the side effects of harsh medicines.

"You’ll see I have ordered an additional eight packets, so far I'm definitely pleased with the results.

"Thanks again for your time and introduction to your product.

"I’m going to gift a packet to my diabetic neighbour to try now too".