European champion reveals: “CurraNZ helped me get into my greatest shape ever after having my second child”

European champion reveals: “CurraNZ helped me get into my greatest shape ever after having my second child”

CAMILLA LINDHOLM BORG, a former professional long-distance triathlete and the 2015 ETU European Champion, became ‘convinced’ of CurraNZ after using it to lose 15kg post-baby weight - and overcome an auto-immune condition that doctors said would be 'impossible'.

The Swedish duathlon and triathlon champion became a major fan of CurraNZ after using it to sensational effect to get into the ‘best shape of her life’ – at 43.


Camilla discovered CurraNZ early in 2017, around the time of the arrival of her second child – and her desire to lose post-baby weight gain of 15kg. 

She says: “I was not very happy about my 15kg weight gain after my second baby and was prepared for some hard work.

“Just about the same time I got the opportunity to try CurraNZ. I did not know anything about this product more than it was pure blackcurrant.

“I had heard a lot about beetroot and had tried that a couple of times with no good effect at all, apart from an upset stomach. I have a very sensitive stomach.

"CurraNZ was new to the Swedish market and I was willing to test it, being pure and natural. So, I took one pill every morning and I had no problem with my stomach whatsoever.

“I found that even though I did not train like a pro during my pregnancy, my comeback went quickly and smoothly. I didn’t even get sore after strength sessions - my recovery was superb, despite also breast feeding and not getting a lot of sleep.

“I also noticed I was losing weight fast, much faster than with my first child. And I was not even trying hard.”

The differences didn’t stop there, either, with its effect on recovery and fat oxidation becoming evident.

“Also, I could train for much longer without a lot of energy intake. On my longer training days I felt strong and ready to go even after a longer bike rides of four-five hours. My legs were less sore, I had faster recovery and my endurance and fat burning ability were great. This is so crucial for a long-distance athlete like me.

“After a few months I joined my coach at a training camp at Mallorca, and it was then I realized that at the age of 43 I was in my greatest shape ever. He did some lactate tests and what can I say? Both he and I was surprised at the results!”

Camilla’s first race after the arrival of her second child was a hilly 10km event, and she realised that CurraNZ could be having an effect on performance when she ‘ran just a few seconds slower than my fastest time on that course – seven years previously’.

In her first triathlon in 2017, Pescara 70.4 in Italy, she was just pipped on the line, losing by three seconds and from there, the consistent podium finishes came thick and fast, including second in Ironman UK in 2018.

“I had a good number of races in 2017 and 2018, with very good results using CurraNZ. My schedule was too tough late in 2018 though, with two small kids, being over 40, but CurraNZ saved me.”

'The doctors said it would be impossible to heal myself - but impossible is nothing'

An auto-immune illness called Hashimoto’s disease forced her to step down from professional sport later in 2018. She believes a high amount of stress at that time, combined with a high competition load led to the development of the condition.

“I think it was because I had a lot of emotional and mental stress during that period. I also did four long races in just seven weeks and as a result, my adrenals, immune system and other things were in bad condition.

"In all my stress I forgot to take care of myself when I needed it the most.

“I did everything I could to get well and saw an alternative doctor, who said that CurraNZ was great but I was lacking in a lot of other things.

“The doctors said it would be impossible to heal myself but impossible is nothing.

“I stopped my training for a couple of months and reduced foods that my body didn’t tolerate.

“I know it sounds crazy but my recovery has been extremely fast and I’m now fine."  

However, after making an ‘extremely fast recovery’, the mother-of-two is now back running 110-120km a week ‘comfortably’ and eyeing ultra-marathons next year.

“I am now convinced and a great fan of CurraNZ. As a coach to other athletes, I strongly recommend it.”

Camilla's top results:

Two-time Powerman European Duathlon Champion

2015 ETU European Champion (Long distance)

Swedish Long Distance Triathlon Champion

Swedish Half Ironman Champion

Swedish Duathlon Champion

Runner-up, UK Ironman

Runner-up, Pescara 70.3

Runner-up, Gdynia 70.3