Get more out of your training and stay well this winter with CurraNZ

Get more out of your training and stay well this winter with CurraNZ

IF you're looking to make your exercise regime easier, more effective and enjoyable, then blackcurrants are a superb natural food source to make a real difference.

The active blackcurrant compounds in CurraNZ are highly unusual because of their combination of scientifically-proven actions. 

As anti-inflammatory, circulation-boosting and antioxidant agents, blackcurrants are demonstrating a range of remarkable broad-spectrum health and fitness benefits.

Here's how the compounds in CurraNZ can help keep you healthy and reach your goals faster, whatever your age or fitness level: 


New Zealand scientists have shown that our extract is potent for reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress and accelerating recovery from exercise.

CurraNZ is an ideal training aid if you're looking to suffer less and return to training more quickly, with fewer aches and pains - guaranteed (more below).


Studies show CurraNZ increases fat burning by up to 27% in men and women at moderate exercise intensity. This unprecedented effect is thought to aid sports performance, which has been proven in five cycling and running studies to date. 

One week's use of CurraNZ increases fat burning to the same degree of exercising two hours a day for a month.

Two capsules daily are required to get these natural fat burning benefits, and the effects improve with longer use. 

So, if you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your workouts and make those hours really count, this amazing berry will naturally help your body favour fat as fuel - and as a result, lead to less fatigue, too.

Blackcurrants are prized for their effect on circulation, with studies showing they lower blood pressure and increase blood flow up to a whopping 35% during exercise.

This means muscles don't have to work so hard during activity and you'll experience lower levels of fatigue.

Plus, with reduced pressure on the cardiovascular system, exertion will be less difficult, which is a big winner for older and unfit people. 

This brilliant cardiovascular boosts lead to an easier exercise experience and allows people to push harder, for longer, and get more out of each session.

Plus, if you're a performance-minded athlete, then blackcurrants are a stunning new legal intervention to take yourself to the next level. Studies have shown CurraNZ can improve running performance by averages of 11%, and is incredibly effective for endurance and team-based running sports. 


Blackcurrants have multiple broad-spectrum benefits that help you stay well, boot-strap the immune system and fight infections.

Intense exercise and high-stress lifestyles lower the body's immune defences, leaving it open to opportunistic infections.

Winter can be particularly difficult for avoiding seasonal bugs, and this is where blackcurrants come into their own as a brilliant natural intervention to help boost immunity. 

A recent study from Plant and Food highlighted the potency of one dose of blackcurrant extract for increasing the body's circulating neutrophils in the six hours that followed. 

As well as this, blackcurrant extract has been shown to help 'disinfect' cells infected with Influenza virus, meaning you'll receive additional protection against the dreaded winter flu.  

Blackcurrants are the ultimate low-sugar superfruit and each capsule of CurraNZ, equivalent to 85 berries, contains only 1.2 calories. Plus, it's free from chemicals and sugar.

CurraNZ is an official supplier to High Performance Sport New Zealand and every batch is rigorously drug tested. Our product is the only blackcurrant supplement certified by Informed-Sport internationally, to give professional athletes complete peace of mind.

Plus, if you don't feel improved muscle recovery, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!


- 1 capsule daily for general health and wellbeing 

- Additional anti-inflammatory, immune and menopausal support: 2-3 capsules daily. 

Recovery: 1 capsule (under 75kg) or 2 capsules (over 75kg) two hours before exercise. If you forget, or are training early in the day, then take as close as possible to exercising.

Fat burning and performance: 2 capsules (irrespective of weight) two hours before exercise. Load for a minimum of seven days and use daily.

Exercising for longer than six hours? Redose every six hours to aid performance .