'Grand Slam' champion CurraNZ is amongst the best supplements around

'Grand Slam' champion CurraNZ is amongst the best supplements around

THE global recognition for CurraNZ continues, with industry-leading experts confirming our proprietary New Zealand blackcurrant extract supplement is one of the best on the international market.

What exactly makes CurraNZ a world-beater?

A foundational health supplement, our natural product contains important purple plant micronutrients that most people are deficient in.

They help balance the body, support overall health status and prime it for exercise - naturally.



The bioactives in CurraNZ™, characterised by Enzans™, have a unique triple action for enhancing performance, muscle recovery and fat burning - in fact, there's no other supplement like it. 

CurraNZ not only matches many benefits of other leading products, but it delivers game-changing effects across a spectrum of applications, naturally.     


Why use three supplements when one will do?

As a 3-in-1 supplement, CurraNZ can reduce your overall nutrition budget outgoings - neither beetroot, blueberry, cherry or pomegranate can match its range of high-impact benefits.


A Nutra Ingredients 'Grand Slam' champion

CurraNZ has been making its mark on three Continents since 2020:  
  • Sports Nutrition Product of the Year, 2020, 2021, 2020 - Nutra Ingredients Asia, USA and Europe
  • Sports Nutrition Product of the Year, 2021 - European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance
  • Best Post Workout Product of the Year, 2020, 2021 - European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance
  • Best Recovery Product of the Year, 2020 - Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine, UK


Clinically evaluated in over 30 studies

One of the sports nutrition breakthroughs of the decade, CurraNZ is supported by over 30 clinical studies, with a self-substantiated health claim for reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress in New Zealand and Australia. CurraNZ is so effective for muscle recovery, we guarantee it.


Spectral benefits for active users

The secret lies in its potent cardiometabolic and hemodynamic properties - increasing blood flow 45%, muscle reoxygenation 38%, fat oxidation 30% and cardiac output 20%. 

Used by the best across a range of sports

CurraNZ has been used by many of the world’s best athletes down the years.

In fact, the CurraNZ extract is used in Healthspan Elite's All Blacks-endorsed supplement, as part of the revered New Zealand rugby team's tried-and-tested training and match-day routine. 

Listen to what Katrina Darry, the All Blacks High Performance Nutritionist, has to say about CurraNZ [watch video here]. 

But it isn't just elite athletes who benefit from CurraNZ - anyone can.

Informed-Sport certified

CurraNZ is certified by Informed Sport, providing assurance that our product has been tested for prohibited substances. A number of professional sporting bodies (such as the FA, RFU and PGA) highly recommend that athletes only choose vitamins and supplements that carry the Informed Sport logo.