How anthocyanins may help offset the health impacts of a sitting for long periods

How anthocyanins may help offset the health impacts of a sitting for long periods

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time sitting during Lockdown?

As our Covid-inflicted confinement continues, Britain's weight challenges and lack of activity could be contributing to the nation’s health problems.

A sedentary lifestyle has more implications for your health than is obvious. Sitting for long periods slows metabolism, reducing the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.

Not only that, it directly leads to narrowing of the blood vessels, blood pooling in the limbs, development of arterial stiffness and elevated blood pressure.

Plus, a high-fat diet, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, puts individuals at even greater risk of hardening of the arteries and developing cardio-metabolic disease.

To reduce our risk of ill health from inactivity, we are advised to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five days a week, and reduce sitting time.

With spring around the corner, never has there been a more welcome time to embrace exercise and increase our activity.

But, if you work long hours in a desk job, fall into the ‘sedentary’ category or have mobility challenges, then CurraNZ can help.

Three studies show how our blackcurrant extract can provide important health benefits during this difficult time.

A 2020 paper showed that just one dose of New Zealand blackcurrant extract prevented blood pooling in the limbs and maintained blood flow during two hours of prolonged sitting1.

Another study evaluated the effect of CurraNZ on arterial stiffness2 in older adults and showed a significant impact on blood vessel health and function. It also lowered the subjects' blood pressure to a clinically-significant degree.

Two capsules a day for a week resulted in a significant improvement in reducing the effects of hardening of the arteries and thus reducing mortality risk factors.

Scientists were surprised at the speed of change observed in their subjects and concluded that the anthocyanins in CurraNZ were overcoming the natural consequences of ageing, equivalent to ten years.

In terms of glycaemic health, the anthocyanins in CurraNZ have been shown to significantly support blood sugar and insulin responses in a real-world situation3.

Our 2020 study on sedentary, overweight and obese individuals showed that one capsule, taken morning (before breakfast) and mid-afternoon, reduced post-meal blood sugar levels 9%, improved insulin sensitivity 22% and reduced obesity-driven inflammation from the liver by 24%.

So, if you’re finding Lockdown is impacting on your normal activity levels, CurraNZ can deliver a helping hand with its range of important benefits to support your health during this period.



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*Always tell your doctor if you are using natural supplements with medicine