'I clocked 460km in February and feel really good with eight weeks to go' - read our elite marathoner's training diary and insights

'I clocked 460km in February and feel really good with eight weeks to go' - read our elite marathoner's training diary and insights

AMBASSADOR Andrew Heyden is amongst the creme of masters distance runners in Australia. Next month, the British expat will return to the UK to race the London Marathon - and go all-out to set a new PB at the age of 45.

A veteran of over 50 marathons, Andy holds many titles, including a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon run by a monk in a habit (see picture)

FEBRUARY seems to have flown past and I can’t believe we are into March already. There are now only eight weeks to go to the London Marathon.

Autumn has brought cooler mornings, perfect for running. I’m glad to have got through February without missing a single planned run session and clocked another 460km.

Consistency is key for a marathon.

My training block last month saw me run six days a week, clocking 118km,110km, 122km and 125km for each week.

My weekly plan followed a fairly consistent format:

Mondays: Easy run of 14-16km to rejuvenate.

Tuesday: 15-18km including a quality session, one week was 4 x 10 mins a little faster than marathon pace (around 3 min 30 secs per km) - another week 8 x 5 mins. These interval sessions include a rest of 1-2 mins between each rep.

Wednesday: A steady run of 16-20km with some hills.

Thursday: 15-20km again either over hills or keeping a solid pace eg 20km at 4 min 10 secs per km.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: 16-18km including a Parkrun or some efforts.

Sunday: A long run around 2 hrs 30 mins including periods at planned race pace.

Including a rest day on Friday has helped keep me fresh for the big weekend volume.

With the increased training volume in Feb I have also spent more time on my foam roller, massaging out my legs and key muscles. I have locked in a massage this week too, to try and ward off any niggles. 

It’s time for a new pair of running shoes to get me through to London, though. I have been alternating between Adidas or Asics for the last 15 years but in the last couple of years I have joined many others in adopting the new Nike range with their carbon plates and bouncy foam, which feel very comfortable.

 I’m feeling stronger and it is coming together. On days when I’m tired I just try to remember that there is only another five weeks or so before the taper. I’m also starting to visualise race day and the streets of London during sessions to get mentally focused.  

The kids have picked up a few colds and coughs but so far, CurraNZ have helped support my immune system through the biggest weeks of training.

 I’m planning a local 10km race this coming weekend for a little hit-out and to get the race feeling. Hope you are all well and aiming towards your goals 

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