'I have raced hundreds of times over the last 30 years and should be getting slower - not faster!'

'I have raced hundreds of times over the last 30 years and should be getting slower - not faster!'

MEET Ian de Kam, a serious recreational athlete and new customer in Australia who is seeing brilliant results from using CurraNZ after just a month. 

Ian, 71, has enjoyed impressive success at the top level across many sports as an endurance athlete.

Among his long list of achievements include a second at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in the US in 2017 (see pictures), success in his age-group at the World Masters Kayaking Championships 2002, plus many adventure races in veteran class.

While Ian has been dedicated to his running for the last 40 years, he is a regular in triathlon, but also races mountain bikes and enjoys cross-country skiing for a bit of variety!

Even in his 70s, Ian still trains two-three hours a day and after just a month of using CurraNZ, has made a remarkable discovery. Based in Victoria, Ian says: "I have used supplements in the past... vitamins mostly as well as creatine and tried various diets and supposedly performance-enhancing foods.

"So I am sceptical about supplements to balanced healthy diets that are mostly fresh fruit and vegetables - as mine is, and I have never noticed any change in my performance or energy levels.

"However, having started using CurraNZ four weeks ago I have seen an improvement in my performance recently.

"I am equally as fit as I was last year when I raced our popular 50 km Otway Odyssey MTB (mountain bike) race, yet I cut 22 minutes off my time over the identical course?!

"Remember I am getting older and should be slower not faster!

"I did use a slightly faster bike but that would not account for 22 minutes cut off my time.

"I also gained 18 minutes on a fellow competitor who raced the same time as last year and was surprised to see my gain on him.

"My swim training has seen me less breathless after hard intervals.

"That could be subjective but remember, this old man has raced hundreds of races over the last 30 years and I know my body and am very conscious of changes in my ability and recovery.

"My training runs have felt stronger and my timed efforts over my 1 hour (about 12 km) course are recording 2 or 3 minutes less.

"So I am concluding CurraNZ is improving my performance by cutting my times, making me feel faster and ensuring recoveries after hard races or training sessions are rapid.

"Thank you for your research and your clever natural product."

Ian de Kam