Kiwi athlete chasing Olympic dream using CurraNZ to great effect on world stage

Kiwi athlete chasing Olympic dream using CurraNZ to great effect on world stage

BARNEY GILL is the latest athlete to be using CurraNZ as he sets his sights on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Ranked 31 in the world, Barney is chasing Olympic qualification for Oceania in the men’s kumite (sparring) and looking to CurraNZ for an edge above his rivals.

As the Oceania titleholder in 2018 and 2019 for the 67kg division, his campaign now involves competing in world grading competitions and taking on faster and more determined opponents also chasing Olympic glory.

Training morning and night, CurraNZ has been helping him recover quickly and not let fatigue hinder his schedule as he builds on consecutive blocks of fighting and strength and conditioning training.

After mixed results in Tokyo and Moscow, Barney won the Vienna and Polish Opens within a few weeks of each other (pictured, above with his trophies).

He says: "I’ve been dosing on CurraNZ now for a decent period and can honestly say I feel a difference. I’ve been finding the supplement really helpful for recovery, and have been able to compete every week or fortnight with very few days off."

Competitions are staged around the world from Tokyo to Chile to Moscow and like a lot of Kiwis trying to compete on the big stage, resources are tight but the underdog spirit is strong.

His training has taken him to places like Kazakhstan and Slovenia and given him invaluable exposure to a greater depth of competitiveness not readily available Downunder.  

We wish him all the best as he looks to climb the rankings on his journey to Tokyo 2020.