Multisport 'big guns' deploy CurraNZ to race to another lucrative win in China

Multisport 'big guns' deploy CurraNZ to race to another lucrative win in China

DOUGAL ALLAN and Sam Clark, who have four World Multisport Championship titles between them, raced to another big win in the lucrative Wengan Outdoor Adventure Race in China in June.


Loaded on CurraNZ, (their 'secret weapon') the endurance athletes proved again why they’re among the very best in the world, helping their team (above, in yellow) to a clean-sweep victory after three days and 17 hours of racing in treacherous conditions.

Making up the team was Female Multisport World Champion Simeon Maier along with endurance athlete Sam Manson, and together they dominated each stage to take the win for the second year.

Adventure racing involves mountain biking, running, orienteering, kayaking, caving and abseiling over challenging terrains and is not for the faint-hearted. 

Compounding the task in hand, competitors faced highly changeable conditions that started out wet and treacherous, followed by soaring tempartures and blazing sun on the final day.  

Dougal said after the race: “These adventure races as truly the hardest style races I have done.

"Honestly, if Adventure Racing was more of a mainstream sport, the world wouldn't believe the physical and mental toughness required. 

"There are just so many variables to achieve team success. Gear and nutrition are important of course, but in the end, it is a case of having teammates who are willing to go to the well for each other.”