Nutritionist, podcast host and ultra-runner reflects on a year of using CurraNZ

Nutritionist, podcast host and ultra-runner reflects on a year of using CurraNZ

Mikki Williden, an ultra-runner and PhD-Registered New Zealand nutritionist, posted recently about her experience of CurraNZ and revealed in an interview with founder Fleur Cushman that it is the first and only supplement that has felt a noticeable difference with.

Mikki Williden uses CurraNZ for training and recovery

Mikki was introduced to CurraNZ after a friend tried our product for severe hayfever and reported he had been symptom-free since, thanks to their natural anti-inflammatory properties. Her clients have started using the product for their hayfever are reporting the same thing.

This piqued Mikki’s interest and we discussed the blackcurrant science on its anti-allergy properties (link here) in a podcast in April.

Mikki, who consults to athletes within her professional expertise as a sports nutritionist, dug deeper into the CurraNZ exercise studies and started testing CurraNZ with her own run training, which involves a lot of weekly mileage.

In our podcast in December (link here), Mikki reflected:

“My recovery is so much better since taking CurraNZ. I definitely notice it, it’s one of the reasons why I get excited by it.

“I’m impervious to most supplements, I don’t notice them. If I take a B vitamin, I don’t notice a shift in energy levels, as an example.

“It took me a while to recognise the benefits of CurraNZ and then it clicked that I am training a lot better and feeling a lot better in my training, compared to what I was before.”

In our latest podcast, (link here) we talk about dosing and how people respond differently.

Mikki, who had been taking two capsules, decided to trial with a lower dose.

“Actually, I started waking up sore just using one capsule. I started back on two capsules and after my longest road run in a while yesterday, I am not sore.

"I’m so stoked as it’s not so enjoyable to feel pain doing what you love! It could be coincidence, or it could be a reflection of what the science tells us.”  

Check out Mikki's health, wellbeing, fitness and nutrition podcast, Mikkipedia (link here), in which she interviews scientists, doctors, professors, practitioners and people who have a wealth of experience - and dives into their area of expertise.

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