Podcast picks to light up January

Podcast picks to light up January

Athletes have been deploying blackcurrants to light up the international sports scene in the last few years - here we share a great podcast line-up with their insights, to dive into this January.

Whether you're hitting the trail, or taking time out for yourself, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Share in the adventures and challenges of some of the world's best ultra-marathoners and their record-breaking feats and stories of how they overcame adversity.  

For the science geeks, we even have behind-the-scenes research insights on the latest findings that are exciting the experts.


 Anna Frost on Trail Runner Nation

Anna Frost is a trail running icon and Kiwi trailblazer who has conquered the most challenging ultra-marathons, while inspiring a generation of runners along the way.


Sam Shepherd on Mikkipedia

Sam Shepherd is an Ironman triathlete and Senior Lecturer in exercise and sports nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. The author of several high-impact, breakthrough papers on CurraNZ, he talks about the fascinating mechanisms behind the Curranz supplement. 

Episode title: Exploring the mechanisms and effects of CurraNZ

Link: Mikki Williden: https://podcast.mikkiwilliden.com/168


Nutritionist Mikki Williden on For Runner's Only

Mikki Williden (above) is a sub-3hr marathoner who races ultra-marathon distances up to 100km. She is also one of the most respected nutritionists in New Zealand, with a PhD in food and nutrition.

In this podcast, you'll learn about Mikki and some golden nuggets of nutrition, like the best way to lose weight, the best stuff to eat before a run, why you need more protein and so much more. 

Episode title: What to eat daily to look and feel better

Link: Apple - https://apple.co/3fXAUCp 
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IqWP_pPdtQ


Hayden Hawks on The Ultra-Running Guys


Hayden Hawks is one of the leading trail runners in the world. Here, the CurraNZ ambassador is interviewed in his build-up to Western States, a race he ultimately did not finish due to a knee problem, requiring surgery. 

A fascinating interview with a popular and well respected pillar of the trail running community.  


Episode title: Chasing The Dream




Kristian Morgan on Trail Runner Nation & Wild Ginger Running

British ultra-runner Kristian Morgan achieved a remarkable FKT on the Appalachian Trail in September, breaking the 2,200-mile Southbound supported record by 18 hours. 

Here, Kristian shares fantastic stories of what it takes to run a double marathon every day, for 45 days on this famous North American trail.

Episode title: Kristian Morgan on defying limits and breaking the FKT on the Appalachian Trail

Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kristian-morgan-southbound-appalachian-fkt/id1410627754?i=1000637570836

Wild Ginger Running Episode title: Kristian Morgan's incredible Appalachian Trail record 2023 (southbound, supported)

Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/sg/podcast/kristian-morgans-incredible-appalachian-trail-record/id1508348130?i=1000635700936


Brodie Kane’s Kiwi Yarns with Dougal Allan
Dougal Allan is one of New Zealand’s finest and most versatile endurance athletes, having won Coast to Coast twice and podiuming nine times.

A gem of a podcast as Dougal talks about pivoting into a new discipline - and how he became a cyclor for New Zealand in the America’s Cup Challenge. 

Episode Title: Dougal Allan

Link: https://podcast.app/dougal-allan-e334296627


Hilary Spires interview with Bailey Kowalczyk

Colorado-based Bailey is a US Trail Runner and CurraNZ ambassador who overcame early-season challenges to become the US Trail Half Marathon Champion, 2023.

Episode title: Respecting your body and running faster

Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/nz/podcast/bailey-respect-your-body-and-run-faster/id1439841133?i=1000628674034


Fleur Cushman on Mikkipedia and Nourish Your Potential

The founder of CurraNZ shares her journey and the ever-expanding research on CurraNZ, an eight-time international award-winning sports nutrition supplement and trailblazer for the New Zealand industry.

Mikki Williden episode title: The Science of Blackcurrants

Link: https://podcast.mikkiwilliden.com/24

Cushla Holdaway episode title: Blackcurrant power with Fleur Cushman

Link: https://www.holdawaydietitian.com/podcast/episode/51b21132/e43-blackcurrant-power-with-fleur-cushman