Six scientifically-proven ways CurraNZ can boost your exercise efforts

Six scientifically-proven ways CurraNZ can boost your exercise efforts

WITH spring here and the promise of summer ahead, September is a good time to evaluate your fitness levels.

If your fitness has slipped during the winter, then getting back into the groove can be tough in the initial stages. Fortunately, CurraNZ is here to help.

Outstanding for muscle recovery, our blackcurrant beauties make exercise easier and help burn more fat with every session.

If ever there was a stellar all-round fitness supplement for active people of any level, then this is it.

Here are six reasons why CurraNZ can help keep you do more, hurt less and reach your exercise and health goals faster, whatever your age or fitness level: 



    It’s official, CurraNZ helps exercising easier by improving mood responses to exercise. 

    Scientists tested blackcurrant on healthy but unfit, sedentary exercisers in a low-impact walking activity – and found subjects went further through improved mood responses. 

    Those on blackcurrant experienced less perceived exertion after 34 minutes of walking and had consistently higher feeling / mood scores than the placebo group, with three individuals walking for two hours.

    Only 10% of participants in the placebo group walked further than 10km, compared with 30% of participants in the blackcurrant group.



      New Zealand scientists have shown that our extract is potent for accelerating recovery from exercise.

      By reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress and improving immune responses, your body will better handle the exercise stress and recover more quickly.

      CurraNZ is an ideal training aid if you're looking to suffer less and return to training more quickly, with fewer aches and pains - guaranteed.

      3. BURN MORE FAT 

      Studies show CurraNZ increases fat burning by up to 27% in men and women at moderate exercise intensity. To you and me, that's a brisk walk and you only have to head out for 30 minutes, five times a week.

      No other natural product has been found to have this effect on fat metabolism during exercise. It's one of the reasons CurraNZ is the best natural performance enhancer on offer and is proven in many studies. 

      One week's use of CurraNZ increases fat burning to the same degree of exercising every day for a month.

      One-two capsules daily, two hours before exercising, are required to get these natural fat burning benefits. Plus, the effect improves with longer use - you'll be burning more fat after two weeks if you use daily. Two capsules will deliver a bigger improvement than one. 

      So, if you're looking to supercharge your workouts and make those efforts really count, this amazing berry will naturally help you get the results you're after.



      CurraNZ is prized for its effect on circulation, it expands the blood vessels and helps to lower stress in the cardiovascular system. Our studies show this dilation effect lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow up to a whopping 35% during exercise.

      This means muscles don't need to work so hard and you'll experience lower levels of fatigue.

      Plus, with reduced pressure on the cardiovascular system, exertion is easier, which is a big winner for older and unfit people. 

      This brilliant cardiovascular boost makes exercise easier and allows people to push harder, for longer, and get more out of each session.

      Plus, if you're a performance-minded athlete, then blackcurrants are a stunning new legal intervention to take yourself to the next level. Studies have shown CurraNZ can improve running performance by averages of 11%, and is incredibly effective for endurance and team-based running sports. 



      Scientists have found that our berry extract ‘primes’ the body for exercise and improves adaptive responses.

      This remarkable berry is ‘switching on’ antioxidant and inflammatory defences, as well as multiple adaptive pathways – thus enhancing the beneficial responses to exercise, while reducing the damaging effects of harmful inflammation and oxidative stress.

      Not only that, blackcurrant improves tissue repair and mucosal defences, providing additional protection to infections.

      Daily long-term consumption improved the effectiveness of blackcurrant for recovery and creates an anti-inflammatory/antioxidant microenvironment that helps control underlying chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.


      Blackcurrants have broad-spectrum benefits that help you stay well, stimulate the immune system and support cell function.

      The result? Our high-potency blackcurrant extract is great for improving energy and help your body during times of stress when you may become susceptible to common coughs and colds. 


      Blackcurrants are the ultimate low-sugar superfruit and each capsule of CurraNZ contains the equivalent of a large handful nutrient-dense blackcurrants, with only 1.2 calories. Plus, it is free from chemicals and sugar.

      Every batch is rigorously drug tested and certified by Informed-Sport for quality assurance.

      We know how effective CurraNZ is for muscle recovery, so if you don't feel a difference, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!



      HEALTH :
      - 1 capsule daily for general health and wellbeing 

      - Additional anti-inflammatory, immune support: 2-3 capsules daily. 

      Recovery: 1 capsule (under 75kg) or 2 capsules (over 75kg) two hours before exercise. If you forget, or are training early in the day, then take as close as possible to exercising.

      Fat burning and performance: 1-2 capsules (irrespective of weight) two hours before exercise. Take for a minimum of seven days.