Triathlete celebrating breakthrough season at World Championship level using CurraNZ

Triathlete celebrating breakthrough season at World Championship level using CurraNZ

AUSTRALIAN Age-Group triathlete Greg Salter is celebrating a big finish to his breakthrough European season in which he has ranked amongst the best in the world for his age-group - with some valuable help from CurraNZ. 

Following his top-levels performances on the big stage, Triathlon Western Australia has invited him to step into open-class racing - which is no ordinary thing at 65 years old. 

Greg, from Carine in Western Australia, races in the 65-69 age-group category for triathlon, aquathlon, duathlon and Multisport.

This year, he took on the major challenge of racing five events in two ITU world championships in just four months in multisport (duathlon/aquathlon/aquabike) and sprint and standard distance triathlon.

He says: "The Pontevedra World Multisport championship races in April and May were much easier to roll into off the back of a competitive season in Australia. 



"I prepared with a training camp in Portugal before the championships and found CurraNZ helped me to absorb the training load and provided energy for each session, with that all-important help with recovery."

Up until this season, Greg's six ITU podium finishes had all been on the lower steps, but he broke through for that coveted first place in Aquathlon (pictured, below) and secured a top-five finish in the other two events, including bronze. 

 Greg then went to the ITU World Championships Lausanne, Switzerland in August, where he missed a podium spot in the Sprint race by just four seconds, finishing fourth in a field of 61 of the world's best competitors for his age.

He says: "My preparation for this was different, coming through the Australian winter without any competition to help my build-up. I knew I'd be up against the Europeans and Americans who were coming off their competitive seasons." 

There were more factors that compounded the task he faced in Switzerland. The sprint and standard-distance races were scheduled on successive days, leaving no time for any recovery.

Plus, different rules and conditions for the bike sections of the two races meant road bikes would be used for the draft legal sprint but the faster time trial bikes could be used in the non-drafting standard distance race. 

"It wasn't feasible for me to take two bikes, so I made the decision to still compete in the Standard but use my road bike for both - and just enjoy the experience in the second race."

After just missing out on bronze in the sprint race, he pulled up 'better than I expected' and exceeded all expectations to finish fifth in the longer race on day two.

"I am sure CurraNZ played a part. Fifth place in a field of over 60 starters (with the disadvantage of a road bike without tri bars) was an unexpected result!" 

Following that fantastic finish at the Worlds, Triathlon Western Australia invited Greg to race in the open category of the Triathlon WA Triathlete of the Year Series, which comprises six State Championship races. Greg won the 60 – 64 WA Triathlete of the year category whilst qualifying for the world championships.

Greg says: "It's been a great year and in October, I received an invitation from Triathlon Western Australia to consider stepping out of my age group to race in the open division this season - at the age of 65!

"I now consider CurraNZ to be an integral part of my preparation and processes with its 100% natural, tested drug free status and recovery and performance benefits.”