Ultra-runner, 69, going the distance in impressive style with CurraNZ

Ultra-runner, 69, going the distance in impressive style with CurraNZ

Meet January's Customer of the Month, Henry Bickerstaff, a remarkable 69-year-old ultra-marathoner from the US who has been able to conquer races up to 100 miles in short succession - which he credits to CurraNZ. Here's his story.    

Henry writes: "I have been running for 36 years and ultras the last 18. I received a free sample of CurraNZ courtesy of the Trail Runner Nation podcast, with no expectations of how effective it would be. 

There are numerous supplements sold to runners and most have empty claims, so my expectations were not great. 

After about ten days of taking one CurraNZ tablet in the morning between my workout and breakfast I noticed I started to recover faster.  My energy level the next morning was higher than it had been for a long time. I have been taking CurraNZ daily ever since.  

After a couple of months of daily use of CurraNZ I ran the Arkansas Traveller 100-mile race. 

Five weeks later I ran 42 miles (67K) in under nine hours. 

Ten days after that effort I ran a trail half-marathon in 2:15.  

I do not feel I would have recovered enough between races to take on the next one without the benefit of CurraNZ.   

Between running, biking, strength work and Pilates I work out between 12 – 17 hours per week so recovery each day is vitally important.  

My future plans include the Bandera 100K, three days at Moab and rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon.  

I can obtain these goals because I have the time, I use a coach, I work hard, have an awesome training partner and pacer - and I take CurraNZ.