Aussie ultramarathoner makes history in Asia, crediting CurraNZ

Aussie ultramarathoner makes history in Asia, crediting CurraNZ

Australian marathoner Natalie Dau has shattered an Asian ultra-marathon record powered by CurraNZ, running 1,000km across Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in just 12 days. 

The high-profile athlete and media star has credited CurraNZ for the ‘game changing’ role it played in her world record.

Natalie endured extreme heat and humidity up to 39C / 80%-95% during the exhausting 12-day challenge, in which it became common for her shoes to melt and stick to the road while undertaking the equivalent of two full marathons a day, surviving on just 3 hours sleep a night.



Her success, with the scale and difficulty of the challenge, has been met with huge accolades in both hemispheres, with Guinness World Records requiring over 100 pieces of evidence her to prove her record, and the Guinness World Record of “Fastest Crossing of Peninsular Malaysia on Foot”, was finally confirmed on July 1. 

Natalie took CurraNZ on the challenge primarily to support her muscle recovery and reduce soreness, with little time for rest across the 12 days.

 She praised the product for its recovery benefits, saying: “I also have rheumatoid arthritis and it affects me even more when I’m tired. However, despite operating on 3 hours sleep a night, I never got up on any day and had the arthritis-related issues that normally affect my feet, or delayed onset muscle soreness. I never woke up thinking ‘I can’t walk today’. So, CurraNZ certainly delivered in terms of reducing any muscle soreness and allowing me to get up and go again after very little rest.”

 An Asics athlete, plus ambassador for sports brands such as Garmin and UltrAspire, Natalie commands a huge social medica following, with over 500k on Instagram (@rockstararms).

Natalie raised $50,000 for the charity GRLS, which supports underprivileged girls to give them access to sports and play, to help build leadership skills and become better equipped to exercise their rights. 

She has also produced and hosted the Facebook lifestyle program Keeping It Real with over 30 million viewers, the Zero to Hero series and travel programme No Limits for Business Insider.