What to expect when using blackcurrant to boost fat metabolism: The effects and science explained

What to expect when using blackcurrant to boost fat metabolism: The effects and science explained

WORLD-FIRST research is showing that New Zealand blackcurrant extract favours fat as fuel in active people and can enhance the natural benefits of exercise.

Last year, a Liverpool John Moores University study (story here, Journal paper here) found that CurraNZ improved fat oxidation during two hours of moderate-intensity cycling in women by on average by 27%, with one participant showing increases of up to 55%.


This study repeated an earlier one carried out by the University of Chichester, which showed an average 21% increase in fat burning in men.

Study author Dr Sam Shepherd revealed: “Anything above 20% is typically what we expect to see from three to four weeks of regular endurance exercise training”. 

It was the first time that scientists have observed that just a week’s intake of a polyphenol can deliver potent effects on fat burning adaptations normally only seen after a month of daily exercise.

To date, five clinical sports studies have confirmed blackcurrant extract’s effect during different exercise intensities, durations, temperature conditions and in both sexes.

How can someone replicate these results?

Firstly, it is important to understand that fat burning and weight loss can be two different things.

The basic premise of fat loss is expending more calories than you consume, so exercise is essential to be successful - as is the kind of food you consume to maintain a calorie-deficit state.

Fat loss is good, but so is carrying or developing a suitable amount of muscle mass to help you exercise effectively and expend calories. (See http://bodycarehealthclub.com.au/weight-loss-vs-fat-loss-the-difference-explained/ for more helpful information on fat loss vs weight loss).

Exercise you enjoy and can maintain in intensity and frequency are important factors. Whether you enjoy a brisk daily 30-minute walk or a two-hour cycle, CurraNZ can naturally increase your rate of fat burning.

How much fat do you want to lose? This goal (which will be different for everyone) will determine how much exercise you undertake, while consuming a suitable diet and taking CurraNZ (two capsules daily, two hours before exercising).

Daily use is essential  - CurraNZ research has shown that intermittent use has no effect on fat burning. Plus, it needs to be taken two hours before training, to allow the compounds to take effect. 

An interesting customer story is that of Cantabrian John Walters, who took on the F45 challenge whilst taking CurraNZ and met his goal of losing 20kgs in eight weeks (video here).

Another customer who has seen great success is New Zealander Hana-Rae Seifert (left) also lost 20kg of fat whilst preparing for her first pro-am body-building competition in March.

CurraNZ offers a money back guarantee for muscle recovery but cannot extend this to fat/weight loss due to the numerous diet and exercise factors that play a significant role.

Additionally, some individuals have additional complications such as hormone function or dysfunction that affect weight loss (see https://www.pharmaceutical.co.nz/thyroid/ for information on hormone-related weight issues).

The good news is that as well as helping you burn more fat during exercise, CurraNZ delivers additional benefits, such as increasing energy levels, to help you accomplish your exercise goals.

Finally (and very importantly) one of the most noticeable benefits of CurraNZ is enhanced muscle recovery.

You will feel better the day after hard exercise that would normally leave you feeling stiff, sore or fatigued. Your muscles will tell you they have been working, but with less pain and discomfort. This helps you to experience exercise as an enjoyable activity that does not unpleasantly disrupt your busy work and family schedule.

We offer a money back guarantee for the muscle recovery benefits of CurraNZ, so if you don't feel an improvement to post-exercise soreness, we'll refund you.