‘Without sport, my mental health deteriorated, but triathlon came to the rescue’

‘Without sport, my mental health deteriorated, but triathlon came to the rescue’

DAN HILLIER is an up-and-coming triathlete who announced his arrival on the Ironman stage when winning his first-ever age-group event in Busselton Western Australia last December. 

Dan is a big CurraNZ fan and has found it excellent for recovery as he pushes hard in his new-found sport of triathlon. Dan’s entry into triathlon is an inspiring one - here, he shares his story:

“I always took an interest in all sport from a young age and played football for my local club from the age of eight. 

“However, in my later teen years, I found myself constantly on the sidelines, due to soft tissue injuries or impact injuries to my head. 

“This was enough to erode my passion for the game and hang up my boots. But I came to realise in my late teens that constant physical illness wasn’t all that I was battling. 

“My mental health slowly deteriorated - like all things that you neglect. Partying and an unhealthy lifestyle became a day-in-day-out routine. After going through personal struggles, I made a huge lifestyle change to improve myself and my environment.

“I was introduced to triathlon by a new house mate and now close friend.  After getting out, exercising and filling my life with like-minded people, I found a new version of myself. I have become a happy, goal-orientated and driven person I didn’t even know existed. 

“I put in some consistent training in the lead up to my first Ironman at Busselton WA last December and not only won my age group but also gained qualification for Kona which I was very happy with.

“My recovery time since starting to use CurraNZ has shortened and my daily dose is the first thing I go to in the morning and before training sessions.

“I have a greater ability to work at tempo and threshold whilst training. I also feel more focused and sharp. Being able to concentrate regularly and consistently is priceless.

“I had planned to compete in Ironman races in Australia earlier this year but after numerous cancellations, I’ve been working on healing from some injuries and working to become a better athlete.”