30-minute walking study shows fat-burning effects of CurraNZ more effective in overweight individuals and with longer intake

SYNOPSIS: A 14-day intervention study has shown that the fat-burning effects of CurraNZ® requires daily use – but is more effective with longer-duration intake and may be more effective in overweight individuals. 

The 30-minute brisk-walking study by the University of Chichester found that CurraNZ® New Zealand Blackcurrant extract, taken daily over 14 days, increased fat burning in all participants by 17% - and 21% in the responder group.

The berry extract was also more effective in individuals with a higher body mass index (BMI), and therefore those considered overweight and obese. 

This study involved 16 male participants with BMI ranging from 19.5-38.1. The participants took 600mg (two capsules) of CurraNZ® and were tested after 7 days, 14 days and every second day for 14 days.

Findings showed:

  • An average of 11% increase in fat oxidation after week one
  • An average 17% increase in fat oxidation (fat burning) after week two
  • An average 21% increase in the group who responded to blackcurrant after week two
  • Highest responder showed improvements of up to 66% at seven days and 106% after 14 days, this in the same person
  • The four highest responders showed fat burning increases of 27% to 106%. Their BMIs ranged between 19.5 to 38.1
  • Over 50% of participants increased their fat burning by more than 10% between day seven and 14 of daily intake
  • No effect on fat oxidation when taken intermittently (every second day). The supplement must be taken every day for fat burning benefits
  • Participants felt the brisk walk to be less intense

Cycling and running studies have shown that one week of blackcurrant can have an unprecedented effect on improving fat burning in trained and untrained men and women in exercise durations up to two hours, in normal and hot conditions.

This is the first 30-minute brisk walking study, using individuals who habitually exercise once or twice a week, to show how blackcurrant can enhance the outcomes of a common form of activity in the general population.

Daily and Not Every-Other-Day Intake of Anthocyanin-Rich New Zealand
Blackcurrant Extract Alters Substrate Oxidation during Moderate-Intensity
Walking in Adult Males, was published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements,
October 2020, https://doi.org/10.1080/19390211.2020.1841356