Effects of New Zealand blackcurrant extract on whole-body fat oxidation during moderate intensity exercise in males

SYNOPSIS: Researchers from the University of Chichester examined the dosing and duration effects of New Zealand Blackcurrant extract on fat oxidation during brisk walking.

Under controlled conditions, participants took 600mg of CurraNZ every day for two weeks. The subjects performed a 30-minute moderate-intensity walking test at day 7 and day 14, in which their use of fat and carbohydrate were measured.

The study showed:

  • An average of 10% increase in fat oxidation after week one
  • An average 16% increase in fat oxidation (fat burning) after week two
  • No effect on fat oxidation when taken intermittently (every second day)
  • Blackcurrant clearly favours fat as an energy source after longer intake
  • The potential to deliver a greater degree of fat burning in overweight, obese and unhealthy people

Conclusion: Previously it was not known whether daily intake of New Zealand blackcurrant extract CurraNZ was required for its effectiveness, with this study confirming that longer intake is better and blackcurrant helps the body rely on fat as an energy source if taken every day.

The abstract was presented at the International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference in Newcastle, UK, in December 2018. Click here to read the poster