Meta-analysis on CurraNZ confirms its place amongst the best ergogenic aids on offer

THE celebrated international research on CurraNZ® has been making major headlines in a new meta-analysis study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

A new review paper has confirmed what we’ve known for a while: Our CurraNZ New Zealand blackcurrant extract is amongst the very best ergogenic aids for sports performance.

The authors from New Zealand Plant and Food Research Institute and Auckland University reviewed the University of Chichester studies and concluded that Curranz New Zealand blackcurrant extract is the ‘best legal performance enhancer on offer’.

Their review focused on nine studies - eight on CurraNZ – that underpin the international scientific evidence to date.

They concluded our unique extract can significantly improve running, cycling and climbing performance in athletes to a ‘significant degree’.

The scientists calculated our extract's effect by a standardised mean percent effect on performance, which equates to 0.45 – which exceeds that of caffeine (0.41). The authors state that caffeine has ‘long been touted as the most potent legal ergogenic food or supplement available’ - until CurraNZ.

Elite British athletes such as 2020 British Indoor 1500m Champion George Mills (pictured left) advocate CurraNZ.

In a news article announcing the research, one of the authors, Professor Roger Hurst, says CurraNZ studies show New Zealand blackcurrant extract could be the ‘difference between winning a gold and silver medal at Olympic level’. 

While we haven’t performed that piece of research in Olympic athletes yet, the signs are promising.

CurraNZ supplies elite athletes and leading sports organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK and is the most trusted and evidence-based blackcurrant extract brand in the world. 

The scientist's claims are all true: World-class athletes have been using CurraNZ for many years to support their performance, but it isn’t a one-trick pony, with potent muscle recovery and immunity properties too.

The study, The Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant on Sport Performance and Related Biomarkers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,