New Zealand blackcurrant powder reduces a human body odour component in middle-aged and older adults

A University of Chichester study has found that New Zealand blackcurrant can help reduce skin emission (2-nonenal) that occurs as a result of oxidative stress – a process that usually starts from age 40 – and could prove an intervention for reducing ‘old person’s smell’.

The study was performed on 14 middle-aged adults, aged 49-64, who consumed New Zealand blackcurrant daily for seven days (132mg anthocyanin). A cap was fitted to capture skin gas emissions from the base of the neck.

Researchers measured 2-nonenal, which occurs as a result of breakdown of fats (lipid peroxidation) in glands under the skin.

The findings showed:

  • A 28% average reduction of 2-nonenal gas
  • Six participants showed reductions of more than 69%
  • Two participants had lower emissions of 80% and 82%

Conclusion: NZ blackcurrant is able to reduce 2-nonenal-induced body odour in adults.

The abstract was presented at the International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference in Newcastle, UK, in December 2018. Click here for the poster