No stopping para athlete and Olympic hopeful Charlotte, who is crushing it with CurraNZ

No stopping para athlete and Olympic hopeful Charlotte, who is crushing it with CurraNZ

Our February Customer of the Month is an unstoppable Kiwi kid and para athlete Charlotte Walker (left), 12, who last month almost beat the New Zealand Under 17/18 & 20 records in the 100m using CurraNZ. 

Charlotte is a competitive track and field athlete, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

A fantastic run of success in athletics events in the spring/early summer culminated in four gold medals at the Colgate Games in Dunedin - where she eclipsed the New Zealand record in her classification across three older age group categories. 

Her mother Kirstyn writes: "Cerebral Palsy is predominantly a muscular issue as the brain doesn't tell her muscles to stop contracting. So, Charlotte is very prone to muscle fatigue and her biggest symptom presents in her left leg (the leg that is affected), which shakes like crazy when she's done too much and is fatigued. 

"At times, she has been completely unable to walk and has needed to be carried after sprinting a 60m race in the past. 

"In early October, I gave Charlotte one of my CurraNZ tablets 2 hours before her competition at the Parafed Canterbury Games. She completed four events and won four gold medals against some really stiff competition. I gave her a CurraNZ afterwards to help her recovery and she didn't once have a muscle twitch in her bad leg all day.  

"In December, she had an inter-club meeting with several events, which amounted to a very long day and again, I gave her CurraNZ at 8am and another again before the end of the day.

"She showed no signs of shaking and had a long jump personal best of 2.79m on her first jump- exceeding her previous PB 2.75 and season best of 2.6m.

"In the relay, she sprinted faster than I've ever seen her run.

"She won two more golds in the 400m and long jump para events.

"Then, at the Colgate Games last month, she won another four golds in the 100m, 200m, long jump and 400m, with several new PBs. Her 100m time of 18.58 beat that of the current New Zealand record holder's 18.88 for the Under-17/18/20 age groups. 

"I did see a period of mild shake but this ceased within 30 minutes of giving her another CurraNZ.

"If this isn't an absolute proof that your product works for sports in terms of recovery and muscle performance, I don't know what is! 

"Charlotte is determined to be a NZ Paralympian, hopefully in the 2028 in Los Angeles when she's almost 17."

We wish Charlotte, pictured right with Holly Robinson, the current javelin Para Olympic champion from Tokyo, who presented Charlotte with her medal at her previous event. We look forward to seeing her flourish with CurraNZ. Charlotte will receive two packs of CurraNZ as her prize. 

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