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    Struggling with 'Corona Kilos'? CurraNZ can help - five tips to activate blackcurrant's fat burning benefits

    on April 16, 2020

    WHILE the world has much bigger things to worry about than weight gain right now, there’s no denying that since the introduction of lockdown restrictions, ‘Corona kilos’ have become a new thing.

    Extended couch dwelling, boredom bingeing, stress snacking and emotional eating are becoming common-place for many during this stretch of confinement.

    Food has undoubtedly become a bigger focus in our daily lives – not only sourcing it, but thinking about it, preparing and enjoying it. But equally, so has the daily exercise allowance, which is so crucial to our physical and mental health.

    Harnessing the biggest benefit from our daily activities is key – which is where CurraNZ can help.

    Studies have found our natural extract can increase fat burning in ranges of 16%  to 27% during exercise, depending on the exercise intensity. The key thing is to MOVE and exercise with purpose.  

    We’ve previously written about the effect CurraNZ has on fat metabolism and energy use. Our extract has the distinction of being the most effective and potent natural fat burner of all polyphenol-based products available on the market.

    Here are five tips to increase your fat burning during exercise with CurraNZ.

    1. Daily dosing is essential – whether you’re taking one or two capsules, don’t miss a day (you should be taking daily for consistent immune and anti-viral support at this time)
    2. Take CurraNZ BEFORE you exercise – two hours pre-workout is the best time to dose
    3. Two capsules are more effective than one
    4. The effects improve with longer use. Studies have shown your body’s use of fat as fuel are even greater after two weeks, compared to one
    5. Exercise and move as much as possible!

    To read more about the CurraNZ fat burning research and the study findings, click here.


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